Standard ScopeBuggy in Snow

Standard ScopeBuggy set for high ground clearance

16-inch Meade Newt

Standard ScopeBuggy on a pre-made concrete platform

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Welcome to the ScopeBuggy home page.

ScopeBuggy is a cart, or "buggy", designed to help you move your astronomy equipment around, and into and out of storage quickly and easily.

ScopeBuggy can be used with tri-pods, piers, dobs, particle wave mounts, and custom mounts.

Every ScopeBuggy has 10" pneumatic wheels that will let you glide across surfaces where it may not be possible to go with solid casters.

Your new ScopeBuggy can handle the weight of any scope and mount on the market today. It has been tested up to 600-lbs. Our three-wheel system has a smaller foot print, and gives you more mobility and greater access while viewing than four-wheel or six-wheel systems. There is no reason to have more than three wheels!

With your new ScopeBuggy, you will have more time behind your scope observing the skies, and will spend less time hauling, setting up, and dismantling your equipment.

ScopeBuggy now comes in FOUR CONFIGURATIONS.

The STANDARD ScopeBuggy is adjustable in width and length, and is recommended for any commercially available scope/mount on the market today. The 10" pneumatic tires make for a smooth glide across uneven surfaces, and act to dampen ground vibrations.

The EXTENDED Buggy is just that. It will handle tri-pods with point-to-point spreads up to 62", allowing you to fully raise your scope.

The MINI-Buggy is a not really "mini" at all. It is a non-adjustable ScopeBuggy with the rear wheels mounted behind the T-bar. The width of the Mini-Buggy is custom made per your order, and will help you navigate through narrow doors or hallways.

The SUPER Buggy is made for large, heavy scopes of 14"-dia and up. It is made from larger, thicker steel. The SUPER Buggy is also custom made and is non-adjustable. It will handle your toughest jobs!

You can find more details for each ScopeBuggy on our PRODUCTS page.

In our effort to keep things simple, we offer only one accessory... The Power Supply Tray measures 10-1/2" X 12", and has a 3/4" lip. It comes pre-drilled and ready to be bolted to your new ScopeBuggy. (The bolts are included, of course!)


We can ship your new ScopeBuggy to you in Australia, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom, the United States.

If your country is not listed yet, please contact us.

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